001: Glory Enough for Everyone
June 7, 2022

001: Glory Enough for Everyone

In the wake of World War II, Bell Labs was committed to solving one of the most pressing technological problems of the day: how to control an electrical current without the clumsy, expensive, and fragile vacuum tubes then in use. …

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002:  A Start on My Own
June 15, 2022

002: A Start on My Own

Having left Bell Labs to strike out on his own, William Shockley had some important decisions to make: Who would be the backer for his fledgling company? Who would be on his staff? And where would it launch? In this …

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003:  126
June 15, 2022

003: 126

With a backer, a location, and the support of the ambitious Stanford Engineering Department, William Shockley recruiting efforts started in earnest. But having burned his bridges at Bell Labs (and them some!), Shockley resorts to some unorthodox...

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004:  The Affair of the Luau Pig
June 22, 2022

004: The Affair of the Luau Pig

After the meeting with Arnold Beckman, the state of Shockley Semiconductor just continues to deteriorate, and the Shockley research staff finally makes their own appeal to Arnold Beckman that something has to change. In this episode, the Shockley...

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June 28, 2022

005: "A Shameful Act"

Despite the boom in the semiconductor industry, the renegade Shockley research scientists and the bankers of Hayden Stone get nothing but the cold shoulder in their search for a backer… until they catch the ear of an eccentric millionaire inventor....

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July 6, 2022

006: "We Can Do That"

Sputnik sparks the Space Race, and hysteria ensues in the United States. In the meantime, the Fairchild Semiconductor founders get to work. In this episode, the Traitorous Eight have barely moved into their new space, when the Space Race...

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00:  Showing the Flag
July 12, 2022

00: Showing the Flag

Fairchild becomes the David to Texas Instruments’ Goliath, as integrated circuits take the semiconductor stage. In this episode, a young engineer named Jack Kilby causes a stir by invents the first integrated circuit, and the team at Fairchild...

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July 19, 2022

008: "A Fast Horse"

By the early 1960s, Fairchild Camera & Instrument may have been the hottest stock on Wall Street, but internally, trouble was brewing. In this episode, refusing to become “just another employee working in a research lab for somebody else,”...

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July 27, 2022

09: "Something Wonderful"

By breaking open the commercial integrated circuits market, Fairchild’s stock skyrockets… but the breakthrough also seals its fate. In our final episode of Season 1, Fairchild Semiconductor’s success is short-lived, as its meteoric rise is only...

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