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Great podcast!

Great story told in a compelling way

I love stories, like this one, that take broad narratives most of us know and add details and drama that bring the whole experience to life.

Great podcast for all interested in Silicon Valley

If you’re interested in tech and the tech ecosystem this podcast shares great stories that provide valuable context and history. A great addition for those interested in Silicon Valley

Entertaining and Informative

The fascinating history of SV told in an entertaining way keeps you listening episode after episode!

Great substance and even better storytelling!

If you want to learn about the history of Silicon Valley, make yourself comfortable and listen to this informative and highly entertaining podcast!

Suprisingly Awesome, Must subsribe

Very glad to have come across this show. I've always been interested in startup company type content. What I like about the show the most, is the host. Great voice, great pacing and story telling. New Fan!


I love this show! Loving in the Silicon Valley area for the last twenty years, this show has given me some amazing insights into the history and evolution of the region! Totallly fun and informative!

Interesting backstories!

A well-researched deep dive into some important stories behind big events and innovations in Silicon Valley.

Great Stories

I've always loved tech and was young during the dotcom boom and bust. When I graduated college, I always wanted to go to SV and try throwing myself into the startup world.... but I got an amazing offer that I couldn't pass up and never lived that dream. This let's me live vicariously through some stories that aren't the same ones you hear everywhere else. I can't wait for more...

So Engaging!!

We are wired for story and I love the way Lisa presents the stories and provokes questions and anticipation. Lisa keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more! Such a great experience!

Love this show!

This is a great show! The host is really entertaining and the podcast is packed with a lot of useful information. Keep up the good work, Lisa.

Interesting Podcast!

I’m so happy I found this podcast. The stories are so interesting. I can’t wait to hear more.

Informative and entertaining

Having recently founded a company, I could relate to the particular personality quirks that get in the way of the business.... I took away some good lessons on recruiting!

Cool show!

Nothing like getting the history of the place you llive, work or grew up - Explore the history and growth of Silicon Valley - so much to learn about - get all the cool secrets and facts on Lisa's show! Coach Riana Milne